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Friday, August 26, 2011

Working on my 1 x 15 Project (sneak peek)

15 photographers. One model. I started this project last summer for a show scheduled for December 2010. It got postponed for December 2011 and it will be at the Matrix Fine Art Gallery in Nob Hill. To get into this show, it was by invitation only, so I am deeply honored to have been asked.

Because I knew my schedule last fall was going to be limited with my Artist in Residence at the Petrified Forest National Park in October, I scheduled my photo shoot for September and got that part done. I had planned to work on the post processing part in November. Which I did-and was nearly done when I was told about the postponement. And, would I be interested in participating in 2011? Of course, I said. Ah, but the catch was that the model we were using for the show became too ill to continue with the others. A new model was found so I would have to re shoot everything. As Eeyore would say, "oh, bother!" OK. Good excuse to try out another idea I had in mind. I wanted to do a life sized version of a shrine I had made for an on-line charity project (the shrine was 8" by 8" just to give you a sense of scale). Here's what it looked like:

And so, a few weeks ago I finally got the photo shoot done. It took me a while to get to that part of the project since I had a dress to construct (a labor intensive pain in the you know what). A friend of mine in Wisconsin, Joe Spado, made the dream catcher.

Here's a test shot 

I won't say what else I am doing-I hope you are curious enough to come to the show in December on the first Friday in Nob Hill. Matrix Fine Art Gallery. Adjacent to New Grounds Print, so there will be plenty to see as they always have a demo going on at first Friday.

Oh, wait-another really interesting twist to this show. The model is also a photographer. She is one of the 15 photographers. Is your head spinning yet??? I LOVE it!  I'm hedging my bet that her piece will be amongst the most riveting-just by sheer virtue of the approach.