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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Albuquerque Rail Yard

Coming soon! a group show that I've me crazy, but I realized that many people have snuck in to the Rail Yards and have taken photos. There must be a TON of images out there in regards to the Rail Yard as it is today. Without a future...I think the developers who have expressed interest in this property really are more interested in the size of the property and its adjacency to downtown Albuquerque, the airport, Santa Fe, etc. and not really interested in the preservation of a very important historical landmark. Ah, but enough with the pontification!


For the first time ever, modern day images of the Albuquerque Rail Yard will be on exhibit. The show will run from Sept.15- Nov. 14 at the Kimo Theater art gallery. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, Sept. 15 from 6-8 p.m. This is the first time that a show dedicated to depicting the Rail Yard as it is today will be exhibited for the public to see.



What makes this show unique is that the photographers are primarily from a social media group called the Flickr Albuquerque/Santa Fe Social Pool and the Enchanted Lens Camera Club. And, one of the unique things about the Albuquerque Rail Yard is its state of preservation. Virtually everything built from 1916 on still remains. It is a slice of living history.

Anyone who has been on this 27 acre site immediately falls in love with it-no matter what their age or cultural background. The public fascination for it transcends all ages and cultures. Stepping foot for the first time at the Albuquerque Rail Yards, a visitor from Germany exclaimed, “Notre Dame!”.

Indeed, the buildings of the Rail Yards do evoke a sense of being in the grandest of all cathedrals. Even today, in its state of deterioration, it fills one with a sense of wonder and rapture. Located in the Barrelas neighborhood south of downtown Albuquerque, it is amazing that most people who live in the metro area of Albuquerque have never even heard of the Albuquerque Rail Yards or are curious as to what those massive buildings are for.

The show is juried and the artist entry fees along with a portion of the sales of any of the images in the exhibit will be donated to the Wheels Museum.

     The Kimo Theater is located on 423 Central Ave. NW, in downtown Albuquerque. The    
     public is welcome and the event is free. For more information about the show and to view
     more images from the Flickr Group, go to: