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Artist Statement

My vision as an artist is a very personal journey as far as what I create. Sometimes it has to do with wanting to make a statement. Often, it is about sharing perspectives. 

Much of life is about surviving the mundane. But, it need not be viewed upon as something bland, boring or overlooked. It should be celebrated. The Navajo have a saying (which is not unique to them as other cultures have similar sayings) that translates to “walk in the world around you; there is beauty everywhere”. This notion of beauty everywhere can be easily overlooked. 

We hurry through life passing by many moments of beauty that is right before our very eyes. The same subject matter viewed from as many perspectives as possible can render entirely different interpretations. Sometimes a particular viewpoint of an ordinary object becomes an abstraction in itself; to the point of not being recognizable. This kind of examination process offers an extraordinary variety of life’s vignettes. It is this sense of acuity that I fully seek and embrace and am always in search of in many of my images. It’s about seeing beauty, transcendence and mystery in everyday things.

In my photography, I like to capture these mundane moments and celebrate them; which I see as the essence of living in the moment.  In the mediums of encaustic, mixed media, and printmaking, it is often about spontaneity and exploration of color and textures. Other times, I seek to educate.