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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Work is Completed for the Artist In Residence Experience

I always say that there is nothing like a deadline to get things done! When Donna and I wrapped up our Artist in Residence experience at the Petrified Forest National Park in October of 2010, I made arrangements for our work to be shown at the Esther Bone Library in Rio Rancho for Nov./Dec. of 2011. I figured that a year is ample time to get all the work done (because many artists do have UFO's-unfinished objects-sitting around their studio waiting and waiting for completion).
I had a few more hurdles than usual to get this work done. Not long after I returned from our trip, our business partner of 18 years did a hostile takeover of the company that my husband and his partner both started. Devastating doesn't even to begin to convey that journey (since then, we've started another lighting company from scratch-the old company wasn't worth fighting for if it meant continuing the partnership). Then the holidays came and I thought I'd be able to get the work completed in Jan./Feb. after the holidays. On Jan. 3rd, with several days of sub zero weather, our 2 story studio/office had a pipe freeze and break (on the second floor, of course, which flooded the entire building). That was more than a 2 month journey to take care of that and get back on track. Anyway, so the year went much along this up and down manner. I now have the work completed and boy, does it feel good!

I did a couple of videos: one of the experience itself and the second one is just the visual inventory of the body of work that I created from my artist in residence experience at  PFNP.


And, here is the completed work:

 (left-right) Paula and Donna in front of the display case at Esther Bone Library

 (display case at Esther Bone Library)

(both of our completed work on exhibit)