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Friday, October 30, 2009

Oaxaca Street Children Benefit

You've heard of the "butterfly effect", which theorizes that a change in something seemingly innocuous, such as a flap of a butterfly's wings, may have unexpected larger consequences in the future.

I think this project is a perfect example of that, although we may never be direct witnesses to the end result. This is where faith comes in.

This is a fundraiser, an on-line auction for the street children of Oaxaca. The monies raised from this event will go directly to the children and provide them with a chance for a high school education. You see, in Mexico, when a student reaches the high school level, they have to apply for it and pay the $50.00 application fee. Not much to you and I, but this prohibits many from continuing their education. If they had that fee, they can go on to continue their education. Sadly, many cannot.

Here's where you and I come in. I, along with many other artists have created a Cigar Box Shrine with a Day of the Dead theme (I did a very loose interpretation of this). These shrines become part of an online auction. Here's where YOU come in. You can bid on any of the shrines created. If you win the bid, you get the shrine! By doing so, you will have a hand in providing an incredible educational opportunity for a child in Oaxaca. I call this a "win-win" situation.

The following images are the progression that my shrine took:

I started with a simple cigar box of Volcano Cigars from Hawaii (very appropo for me).

The interior of the shrine with the doll before the transformation (fig leaf for modesty!).

Here she is about halfway through her transformation.

And, a little bit closer to completion.

This is the front of the shrine about mid-stream. The image of the Raven not only represents death, but also, a new beginning. It is a photo that I took in the parking lot somewhere in Arizona!

The completed front section of the shrine.

The completed interior of the shrine.

The dress of the doll is comprised of one inch squares of sections of a dictionary. The dream catcher that she is holding was gilded in gold. I hope that the significance of this is obvious!

The name of this shrine? "El Cazador De Suenos". Translates to: "The Catcher of Dreams".

Go ahead, make a dream come true for a child or two in Oaxaca. Click here for the link to the Oaxaca Street Children Benefit (the Shrine Gallery is under construction but, should be done soon!).