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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Broken Skateboard Art

So, what do YOU do with broken skateboards? I'd venture that if you do a lot of skateboarding, you either have a 'broken board grave', or they perhaps ended up in a landfill.

I'll admit I'm too damned old to be skateboarding. But, my 17 year old son does. And, if you're serious about it, you go a lot and you end up with a lot of broken boards. That's just the way it goes!

The inspiration for this came from Jesse Reno. He has done the graphics on some boards for a company in California (amongst a million other projects and a kazillion awesome paintings). My son and I thought it was pretty darned cool. It was my son's idea to use his broken boards to do artwork on.

So, you know who (that would be me) embarked on a new adventure of recycling his boards and using them as a substrate for art. You have to put a lot of stuff behind the board in order for it to hang on the walls properly (otherwise the bow shape of the board makes it sit cattawonkers on the wall). I used pieces of scrap lumber and a bunch of corks from wine bottles and a couple of eye screws and wire and you're good to go!

These are all mixed media pieces. I haven't officially named them. I guess I should. No matter, I can't sell them as they are going on the wall of my son's room (he claims them as his since they are, after all, on HIS boards!).

Maybe I should call this one, "Stop Looking At Me!"

"Two Crows". How unimaginative a name!

This one does have a name. It's the "Jesse-fied Fish". Kind of a collaborative work between Jesse and I. I did most of it and Jesse added his marks to it when I was done.