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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Solstice I

Solstice I

Mixed media 4" x 6" $35.00

A friend of mine and I kept talking about playing around with a plaster technique (inspired by Stephanie Lee) nearly all of year last year. Y'know, one of those, "let's do a play day" kind of thing. Between being sick, being out of town, teaching, shows, family obligations and so forth, it took us nearly a year to sit down and do that play day! It's not as though we couldn't have experimented with this technique on our own.

But, the energy and flow is indeed different when you sit down with a friend to try out something new to both of you. We 'winged it' as far as what we thought we were supposed to do and had a great time. We had no expectations, no judgment, no worry about the outcome.

We sat there and mixed up our plaster and used all our so called 'tools' (one of our favs was a potato masher). Things got mushed around, objects were embedded. Lots of funny stories and laughter. The art was more of a secondary thing next to enjoying each others company.

Plaster on canvas with acrylic and oil.

You can see what my friend did here.