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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Artist in Residence at Hubbell Trading Post

I was so thrilled and honored to have been accepted to do an artist in residence at the Hubbell Trading Post (National Park) in Ganado, AZ. The next series of posts will be about this trip and my art proposal.

Arrival day

It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive from my door to the Hubbell Trading Post Site. 
That's without stops. Not bad, huh?

The guest house/hogan where the visiting artist 
in residence gets to stay.

Behind the hogan and beyond the wash is this hill which is called, Hubbell Hill. It is not on park property and there is a cemetery there. Hubbell, his wife and his best friend are buried there in unmarked graves-true to the Navajo tradition.

The kitchen garden and the chicken coop

If I have my cardinal ordinates correct, this is the north end of the trading post. When the Hubbell family gave the site up to the National Parks, they just left everything-all the wagons, gear, household items and furniture, etc. to the park. A curator's dream!

It's a very large piece of property that makes up the Hubbell Trading Post site-such as fields like this.

I nearly stepped on this bull snake who was trying his best to get away from me!

That's the back side of the Trading Post to the left and to the right is the Hubbell home. Directly ahead is the huge barn.

Here's a great way to see the layout of the property.