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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Recycled Art Display

I thought it would be 'fun' to put together a display over at Esther Bone Library's display case and have it coincide with Earth Day (in April) along with the Recycle Programs that are slated to be held there at the library during April in honor of Earth Day.

I installed the exhibit this morning-which ended up being a bit of a daunting task since I ended up with more things than I thought I could fit in to the display case. That, along with trying to figure out how to hang the cool 'raincoat' and umbrella my friend, Donna Barnitz had made out of Purina dog chow bags (which, by the way, won first prize a few years back at the Recycle Santa Fe fashion show).

Contributors to this exhibit is Tara Cunnings, Sam Garcia, Star Cooley, Donna Barnitz and myself,  Paula Scott.

A lot of the things I brought in are things that I own as a result of buying it from other artists: such as the earrings that were made by Kim Mason, the boxes made by Carol Sanchez (of prints that she made but was not curating for anything), a bracelet made by jewelry artist, Robert Redus, a wind chime made by Laurie Gregg. 

What motivated me to take the time and trouble to put this display together is that 1) I am passionate about recycling and finding other uses for things 2) raising the level of awareness as to the possibilites of what can be done with seemingly ordinary objects. I am not comfortable with the fact that we are such a 'throw away' society and live our lives as though our resources were limitless. I know I can't change the world, but if I can at least get a few people to think differently about what gets cast off, I would be more than pleased.

I would also like to extend a big, hearty thank you to Tara Cunnings, Sam Garcia, Star Cooley and Donna Barnitz for contributing their pieces for this display of art that demonstrates the limitless possibilities to creating and re-purposing things instead of throwing it in to the landfill.