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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That '70's Thing

(puka shell necklace, carnelian beads, leather cord)

A blast from the '70's for sure...this is a necklace I made for myself back then. You can't find puka shells like these anymore. They were just becoming a craze then. And, like everything else, exploitation stripped all the beaches on the north shore of Oahu of puka shells.  'Puka" in Hawaiian, mean's 'hole' (loosely translated). The puka shells are the tops of cone shells that break off from the cone and get tumbled by the sand and the action of the waves. Over time, a puka, or hole, forms in the middleof that 'cap'. Hence, the name, puka shell. Perfect for stringing together since no drills are required.

Anyway, when I made it way back when, it was strung on fishing wire and the back half of the necklace (the part that is now the leather cord) was brown, crocheted string. Very hippie-dippy-ish! But, I love it anyway and am glad I restrung it as I can now wear it again. Made the earrings to go with it. LIG. Life is good.