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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photo Contest at the Matrix

If you attend the Artist Reception at the Matrix Fine Art Gallery in Nob Hill on Friday, Jan. 6, 2012 starting at 5 pm, you can enter a very special photo contest that takes place that night:

Join the photographers of this exhibit at Matrix Fine Art for an
Artist's Reception, January 6, 2012 5-8pm.
In honor of this special New Year's 2012 First Friday Artscrawl,
there will be a photography contest at the gallery, with the
winner receiving a Think Tank Airport Airstream
Rolling Camera Bag, with a value of $299.75!

 • Please read the rules and regulations, below,
for a complete description of the contest...


Minie and You!Win a Think Tank Camera Bag by submitting a photo of Minie taken at the Artscrawl First Friday Photographer’s Reception, January 6, 2012,  at Matrix Fine Art!
Rules & Regulations:• All attendees present at the opening are eligible to shoot
• You must register for the session and a donate a minimum of $5 (to go toward the model sitting fee) for a two-minute session
• There will be a limit of 40 registrants
• All registrants will be eligible to send their selected images to Matrix Fine Art for the winning image selection. All entries will be posted on the Matrix Fine Art Gallery blog. Coordinators for the 2011/2012 1x15 Invitational Exhibit Show and Sale will select the winning image, and the prize of a Think Tank Photo Airport Airstream roller camera bag ($299.75 value), will go to the winning photographer.
Registration and Photography Process:• Registration will commence at 5:00pm, January 6, 2012, at Matrix Fine Art, and last until 5:30pm.
• All registrants who have paid the $5 minimum fee will be given a ticket.
• At 6pm, that evening, a line will form and each qualified registrant will be allowed a two-minute shoot.
• Minie will be stationed in the middle of the exhibit area, and will have access only to a chair for a prop.
• Registrants can elect to photograph her with or without the chair.
• Minie will be photographed as she is, with no additional clothing requests, in order to keep the “playing field” equal for all, except for one’s own personal vision.
• There will be an entry limit of one image from each registrant.
Pick your best!• Any and all photographic mediums are allowed: cell phones, digital/film cameras, 4x5, 8x10, whatever method registrant chooses will be accepted, but the time limit at the Gallery will be strictly enforced.
If you have any questions at all about this contest, please email  
Deadline for image entries:
Entries will need to be submitted to by January 31, 2012. Entries will be uploaded to the Matrix Fine Art blog on a first-come first-served basis, with the winner being selected February 3, 2012.

See you at the opening!