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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Amaterasu Shrine

Amaterasu: Japanese Sun Goddess

(mixed media with found objects: 8" x 10" $180.00)

It all started with a friend (Leighanna Light) giving me the rusty wrought iron finial and the pointy cog wheel thing (I have no idea what it should be called). It sat on my work table for months. I knew that she was a goddess. I just needed a lot of gestation time and the right things to put it all together with to come into my hands.

I cast her face with paper clay and 'rusticated' it. The rusticating part feels a lot like doing chemistry experiments (except you always use the same ingredients to cause the rust). Definitely a, 'stinky, take it outside' project!

When I completed her, I needed to see which goddess fit her description. It didn't take me long to figure that out when I saw the name Amaterasu and realized that she was a Shinto Sun Goddess, that this was who she was all along. She knew who she was all along. It was I who had to figure that out!

She will be at The Wooden Cow Gallery during the month of October and yes, she is for sale! The opening reception will be Friday, Oct. 1 from 5-8. This is the first time I've submitted something to The Wooden Cow Gallery. The call for art for this show came to my email in box a few weeks after I completed her. The call for art is called, "The Divine Feminine". Happily, I got juried in to the show. The icing on the cake is that a friend of mine (Regina Portsheller) whom I haven't seen in a year is the featured artist at this show. Way to go, Regina!

Life can be full of wonderful surprises like this. That's what makes the journey so interesting.