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Friday, April 4, 2008

RRAA Studio Tour Continued

More art for the upcoming Studio Tour! Yay!
Yay, because I got these done! Note to self: make sure you have plenty of artwork already created BEFORE volunteering for the Studio Tour Committee. These are framed and ready to go.
All of them are acrylic paintings; the first three are done in what is called an encaustic style. It is mimicking the wax encaustic method (an older method than oil painting is). Very textural and tactile. When you see them in person, it makes you want to run your fingers over the surface of the painting. And it is ok with me if you do; heck I can't help myself from doing so!
Dimension sizes: all images but the second one are 8" x 10". The second one is 11" x 14". All of them as I mentioned are framed, although you cannot see the entire frame in theses images.