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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Heliconia Monotype

Not quite done with this one either, but not too far to go to finish it. This is a monotype done on a plexigalss plate with Akua intaglio inks. The same plate is used over and over again and with each pass through the pressbed, something is added or taken away from the matrix (which, after the first pass, becomes a ghostly image to work with). It's a great way to work back and forth in the additive and subtractive method. The tendency is to get heavy handed with the inks on the plate. The best approach is to impart subtle changes with each pass as it allows you to build up layers that integrate well with each other. What's holding me back on completion? Trying to make a decision if I am finishing it by way of printmaking, or adding the finishing marks by hand (and then, with what medium?).