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Thursday, September 20, 2007


I did these last year around November, I think. I must've I done them all in one day (yep, it was a marathon day). I must've been home alone for the weekend and when left undisturbed, am able to crank out some work!
These are all done on plastic glazing. The inks used are Akua Monotype inks (non-toxic, water based inks).
I rolled on ink, used stencils, stamps, brushed and wiped on color, wiped color off, etc. Each image probably has about several passes through the press with different things done to the plate. Am I making sense? Perhaps not if you are not a printmaker.
Anyway, so there they are. I have more monotypes somewhere, but I'm still trying to get adept at photographing my own work (I really suck at it).